Cotton Management Expert System Software

COTMAN uses cotton crop monitoring techniques to summarize crop developmental status, detect stress, and assist with in-season and end of season management decisions. COTMAN was originally developed by the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture with major financial support from Cotton Incorporated and through collaboration with colleagues at Mississippi State University, Louisiana State University, Texas A & M University, Virginia Tech and Arkansas State University. COTMAN is currently maintain by Dr. Dan Fromme, Texas AgriLife Extension Service.


The goal of COTMAN is to promote earliness and plant vigor, and to reduce late-season insecticide applications. COTMAN is available for free to qualified US cotton farmers. Apply now!

News and Upcoming Events

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11/07/2012  New Features in COTMAN IV    (see more)


COTMAN is a crop information system based on in‑season plant monitoring. The COTMAN computer software makes it easy to enter and generate the reports used to make management decisions. It is divided into two parts, squareman and bollman.


SQUAREMAN is used to monitor crop development up to time of first flowers. Reports provide feedback on square retention and plant stress.


BOLLMAN is used when the crop is flowering to monitor boll-loading stress and to assist with end-of-season crop termination decisions. BOLLMAN utilizes NAWF data. A non-computer version of BOLLMAN is available.