The COTMAN software is distributed to qualified US clientele at no charge. An annual registration is required for downloading the software.


There is a version of the COTMAN software for the desktop, and a version for PDA's. Two PDA platforms are currently supported: Windows Mobile, and Psion Workabout. Data can be entered in the desktop software, or entered in the PDA and uploaded to the desktop. All analysis and printed reports are generated on the desktop.


New User Account Request

New COTMAN software users are asked to fill out and submit the registration request form. You'll receive an email within a few days with your login and password.


In addition, you'll receive in the mail the COTMAN Pocket Field Guide. This water and tear resistant guide illustrates step-by-step data collection techniques for the COTMAN program.


Download COTMAN Software

The download webpage is only available to registered users after logging in. Please visit the login page and enter your username and password.


We ask that you don't share the software; additional users should request their own accounts.


PC System requirements

  • Windows XP or later operating system
  • Minimum of 50MB free hard drive space


PDA System requirements

  • PocketPC with Windows Mobile 2003 or later
  • Psion Workabout (software unchanged from 2003)