Please refer to the COTMAN software Help system or view the Manual from the Windows Start button. Also view the FAQ's on this page, and the documents on the right sidebar.


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Frequently Asked Questions



How can I tell if I have the latest version of COTMAN?


Start the COTMAN program and then click on HELP, then About COTMAN. Compare the version number on that window with the version that is currently available on the download webpage.


Will COTMAN Mobile (2010 and later) transfer data from the PocketPC to the PC without a media card reader?


Yes, COTMAN Mobile (2010 and later) does not use a card reader; information is transferred directly from the handheld to the COTMAN database.


What procedures are there to identify the date of NAWF=5 and calculate Heat Units without using the COTMAN software?


The procedures are contained in publication "Non-Computer Version of BOLLMAN" (Bourland et al, 1997).


Why won't the "SAVE" button 'light up' when I have entered information about a COTMAN farm/field?


The "SAVE" option is only active when all required information is entered. Optional information is identified on the screen with an * -- all other information is required. Soil type and cultivar are both required to save field information. However, you may be as specific or general as you like for soil type or cultivar names. These are included for your use to compare similar soil types or cultivars and do not factor into any type of calculations as is commonly seen with growth simulation models.


Why do I get errors when I transfer data from a handheld into COTMAN?


The most likely cause is that the farms and fields have not been created in COTMAN. They must exist in COTMAN before data can be entered or transferred. They must also have the same spelling.


TIP: If using a PocketPC to collect data, first install the COTMAN program on the PC and define the farms and fields that will be monitored with COTMAN. Install the data collection program on the Pocket PC and initialize it to store data on the card. Remove the card and place it in the card reader, then start the Data Transfer program. Choose the "Add Farm & Field" option to transfer the farm and field names to the card. Reinsert the card in the Pocket PC and start the COTMAN program. The COTMAN farms and fields will be available for selection in the data collection program. This ensures that spelling is the same and it saves the time required to type the farm and field names a second time


When should I start collecting SquareMap data? When should I take the first fruiting node (FFN) and stand count data (required for SquareMap only)?


Stand counts may be taken anytime after stand establishment has occurred. It is common for stand counts to be collected one to two weeks prior to initial SquareMap data collection. The FFN counts are generally collected the week of the first SquareMap data collection. The first SquareMap data collection should represent the state of the whole field. Early collection of this data by measuring the earliest population of plants can bias interpretation after the second week when a more representative population is sampled. It is common to see a flatter than expected growth curve in this instance. Collection of the initial SquareMap data after most plants (75% or greater) have one squaring node will reduce a false signal of stress. All the above data may be collected at the same time as the initial SquareMap data collection. However, this will be a time consuming process.


I want to collect COTMAN data for the same farm and fields as I did last year. Do I have to re-enter the farm and field information?


No. You can easily copy all of the farm and field definitions from last year. The procedure below copies farm and field definitions, not COTMAN monitoring data.COTMAN must be installed in the same folder as last year .


  1. Use the COTMAN Farm/Field menu to select Add/Modify Farm.
    1. Select the Farm and Year that you want to copy, e.g. MyFarm, 2010.
    2. Change the year to 2011.
    3. Select the Long-Term Weather Station.
    4. Check the box “Save As New”.
    5. Click Save and then click Done.
  2. Use the COTMAN Farm/Field menu to select Add/Modify Field.
    1. Select the Farm and Year that you just saved, e.g. MyFarm, 2011.
    2. Click Clone From Existing Farm.
    3. Choose the Farm and Year to copy from, e.g. MyFarm, 2010.
    4. Select a planting date that represents the majority of fields.
    5. Click Clone.
  3. Verify that field definitions have been copied by using the drop-down box next to “Field Name” at the top of the screen.
  4. Edit field information.
    1. Change the planting date if different from the date specified in step 2.
    2. Change cultivar information where appropriate.
    3. Supply the First Fruiting Node if running SQUAREMAN.
    4. Delete fields that won’t be monitored this year.
    5. Add new fields that will be monitored.

When I try to transfer from the Psion Workabout to COTMAN a screen flashes on the computer and then disappears. The transfer is unsuccessful. What is the problem?


The most likely cause is that you also have Microsoft ActiveSync installed on the computer. Microsoft ActiveSync is required software for using a Pocket PC with the computer. To correct the problem, you need to change an ActiveSync setting:

  • Open Microsoft ActiveSync
  • Choose File -> Connection Settings
  • Uncheck the option, "Allow serial cable or infrared connection to this COM Port"
  • Click OK